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Customer Connection Points


Like the many points of a spur, your organization has numerous consumer touchpoints. 


These are make or break moments to build engagement, trust, and ultimately, a love for your brand.  These are high value opportunities to make a significant and sustainable impact to your bottom line and the lives of those you serve.  SpurConnX is here to improve the experience in each of these moments. 


  • SpurConnX will partner with you to understand your business goals and vision along with your key challenges 

  • Evaluate your consumer journeys, needs, and preferences identifying seams in interactions, ​reviewing channel optimization and potential new channel development needs

  • Partner with your analytics team to gather and translate audience, market, and industry insights 

  • Recommend how to design or optimize your engagement and experience strategy with a customer-centric lens

  • If preferred, lead the strategy execution


Whether the audience is your people, those you serve, or both, SpurConnX will partner with you to evaluate and identify an approach that supports your goals, aligns with your vision, and alleviates your challenges for your organization to thrive. 

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