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A small collection of case studies from some of the work I've loved doing.

New Service Rollout

Company: Delta Air Lines       

Reach: Global       

Audience: Internal / External


  • Delta was on a multi-year journey to launch onboard Free Wi-Fi service

  • Given the multi-year rollout, Delta needed to drive customer hype over many years, limit service disruption, and set customer expectations to hedge dips in customer satisfaction

  • Delta needed employees to understand and support the the $1B+ investment amongst the COVID pandemic and feel equipped to service customers over the course of change


  • My team developed the multi-year, phased GTM strategy driving excitement, awareness and understanding across Delta employees and customers globally


  • Delta became the first major US airline to offer Free Wi-Fi

  • As of Q2 2023, Delta has realized a 20 pt YOY customer satisfaction increase, significantly higher engagement rates, gained 1M new SkyMiles loyalty program members and more

  • The Wi-Fi customer experience has won numerous industry awards

Delta Air Lines Free Wi-Fi
Blue Delta American Express Credit Card

New Co-Branded
Product Launch

Company: Delta Air Lines       

Reach: Domestic US

Audience: Internal / External


  • There was significant opportunity to grow the SkyMiles and Delta / American Express program by acquiring new / infrequent travelers with a no-annual fee credit card product 

  • Delta and American Express needed to drive new product customer awareness and acquisition and ensure customers right-sized for higher tier products did not downgrade to the no fee card

  • Given financial industry regulations, Delta needed to quickly train Delta employees promoting the product and 3rd party sales teams on the new card and its benefits

Approach ​

  • As part of the integrated, 360 GTM campaign, my team led the development of the external marketing, internal comms, and employee readiness strategy supporting the in-person sales channels 

  • This approach leveraged DM, email, site placements, employee event collateral, a large HQ full-day celebration to drive employee awareness and excitement, training plans, and customer promotional collateral 


  • Delta was able to acquire the most new card members in the history of the nearly 30 year partnership with American Express - a stretch target of 1M new card members within a single year

  • The Blue Card has been highly successful helping Delta tap into a new customer group and break record card acquisition volumes to date

Redesign Employee Incentive Program

Company: Delta Air Lines       

Reach: Global       

Audience: Internal 


  • Engagement was falling in the employee Delta / American Express Credit Card promotion program 

  • Delta needed to win back and inspire employees to join the program, drive card portfolio excitement, and empower employees to successfully promote the cards with the right tools and training

Approach ​

  • My team made the case to redesign the program and relaunch under a new name, Uplift, focused on the program value and opportunities provided to employees with an easy to use portal at its heart

  • A 3 day workshop provided direct feedback from 50 employees from all over the country

  • We narrowed down the incentive structure and program economics based on the feedback received and program budget

  • Designed and built the Uplift portal, lifecycle marketing structure via email and direct mail, customer service call center, and backend incentive fulfillment

  • Developed the integrated, 360 program launch campaign


  • Within the first year, 40% of Delta employees (32k employees) joined the program and drove 10% of new card acquisitions surpassing the target and further supporting the $2B+ Delta / Amex relationship

  • The Uplift portal won the 2017 WebAward for Outstanding Website from the Web Marketing Association

Delta American Express Employee Promotion Program Uplift
Delta American Express Employee Promotion Program Uplift

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